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Irvine startup NGD Systems Co-Chairs New SNIA Computational Storage Technical Work Group

TWG activities will set the framework for standardization and interoperability of industry product offerings   NGD_systemsintelligence_400

IRVINE, Calif. – November 12, 2018 – Today NGD Systems announced that they have joined a newly formed SNIA Technical Work Group (TWG) that will focus on Computational Storage.

The purpose of the Computational Storage TWG will be to create standards to promote the interoperability of computational storage devices, as well as to define interface standards for system deployment, provisioning, management, and security. As a leading vendor in the Computational Storage market, NGD Systems will actively drive the efforts of this group.

“Healthy ecosystems are critical for new technologies, and the creation of the SNIA Computational Storage TWG will provide a forum to build the standards necessary to ensure the success of these new markets,” said Mark Carlson, Co-chair Technical Council at the Storage Networking Industry Association. “SNIA’s history in producing successful standards and specifications, the extensive SNIA development ecosystem and established infrastructure supporting broad member participation and collaboration, are all conducive elements to rapid standards development. The creation of this TWG will strengthen the ecosystem by promoting industry education and interoperability between computational storage devices.”

The issues with most new technologies is that that they disrupt the existing ecosystem of solutions, and at the same time require significant effort to build up a new ecosystem to support the products. This is difficult because most (if not all) of the companies developing the new technologies are startups. This “disruption cycle” is also risky for potential customers, who are concerned about vendor lock-in and the ability of startups to stay in business. Standards groups like the SNIA Computational Storage TWG help by addressing areas such as interoperability and standardization of management for new technologies.   Snia

“NGD Systems welcomes the creation of the SNIA TWG for Computational Storage,” said Scott Shadley, co-chair of the SNIA Computational Storage TWG and Vice-President of Marketing at NGD Systems. “Computational Storage will revolutionize the analysis of petabyte-scale datasets by minimizing data movement between servers and storage, which has been proven to significantly increase application performance. As the market leader in Computational Storage products, NGD Systems is excited to support the TWG as it enables the Computational Storage ecosystem .”

About NGD Systems
Founded in 2013 with its headquarters in Irvine, California, NGD Systems is a venture-funded company focused on creation of new category of storage devices that brings computation to data. NGD has designed its advanced proprietary NVMe controller technology which deploys patented Elastic FTL algorithm and Advanced LDPC Engines to provide industry leading capacity and scalability. The platform also deploys the patented In-Situ Processing technology to enable Computational Storage capability. The company is led by an executive team that helped drive and shape the flash storage industry, with decades in leadership positions with storage companies such as Western Digital, STEC, Memtech, and Micron.

For more information, please visit

NGD Systems Press/Media/Analyst Contact:
Telephone: 775-298-5260

Telephone: 949-870-9148


Thanks to our friends at NGD Systems for sharing this OC startup news and graphics.  



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