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"Speed Dating with Investors" is coming to Orange County on Thursday, March 21.

Hosted by the Tech Coast Venture Network, this new event offers OC startup founders a unique opportunity to speak one-on-one with multiple investors in the same night!  TCVN Investor Speed Dating - MARCH 21

If your startup has a scalable business model and is seeking angel investment or venture capital, you’re invited to attend as a “Startup Presenter”. 

Learn more and register here now and you’ll get to practice your pitch F2F with real investors from the Tech Coast Angels and local VC firms!

The event will be Thursday night, March 21 from 530pm-900pm at the Beall Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UC-Irvine.

No presentation is required but spots for startups are LIMITED.  Acceptance is first come, first served.

This fun, educational event is meant to introduce startup founders to the world of raising money.  It is intended to offer pitch practice opportunities, not to generate investments.


Entrepreneurs sign up now if you'd like to apply to present your company at the TCVN Speed Dating with Investors event March 21, 2019:

(Companies accepted will also receive a free “How to Pitch to Investors” workshop on March 7 – A great way to prepare for the “Speed Dating” + more great networking!)



As a sponsor of this great new event, the OC Startup Council has THREE free presenter passes for our readers. 

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Investors often look for three keys in successful startups:
1) Does the startup solve real problems?
2) Is the market size large?
3) Does the business model scale well?
At EventMeow we have built a startup that meets these requirements. EventMeow is a SaaS solution that solves problems for professional event planners and marketing directors by providing an event app platform at a disruptive pricing. We are getting traction and our customers are from all over the world. We would love to present to investors at this Speed Dating.

Jermaine sanchez

At ADITT App we have covered all the key topics of what a angel investor is looking for: a) scalable market
b)solve a real life problem
c)sales -costumers and users
d)team members
Speed dating with investors would definitely take our company to the next level.

Suuap, a team with passion

The best way to come up with startup idea is to look for the problems you already have and try to solve it. As legendary Y Contaminator founder Paul Graham said, "The very best startup ideas tend of have three things in common: they're something the founders themselves want, that they themselves can build, and that few others realize are worth doing. Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Google, and Facebook all began this way." This is exactly how we started at Suuap. Suuap is a classified ads marketplace startup targeting a niche market which existing companies ignore due to their lack of insight of how big the problem is and potential market can be. We are a team made out of charisma, technical expertise, and integrity. We would love to attend this Speed Dating to present our project to investors who not only focus on what we're doing at this time but also what Suuap could do, would do, and did do. Make sure to ask us how we're funding the startup and ourselves ;)

Catherine Moon

Start-up: Nowadays even a baby can start a car with the push of a button but he sure cant drive it; start-up is knowing what you got, how to use it and where you are going with it because your passenger investors aren't in it for a joy ride, they're in it to make money.

Our Occ Med Alliance is ideal for "Speed Dating with Investors" because we took a theory to concept, and proved its viability by actually obtaining customers using the concept. We then built technology to scale the work we were doing and stirred up our industry. We increased our customers and challenged other brands far greater than us to a fight. Undaunted by their size as David was with Goliath, we slung the stone and soon discovered they were intimidated and as a result they are now making attempts copy cat us...and well, we don't like cats so were looking for a few good dogs to join in the fight.

Why Occ Med Alliance? We know what we've got, we know how to use it and we definitely know where we are going.

J Rimmele

Want success? Be the aspirin, not the vitamin!!

Typical divorces are messy, painful and dreadfully expensive! We think we have a better way. One that is less costly, combative and allows for a more collaborative resolution.

At we take the friction out of divorce with our online collaboative mediation platform. As 50% of our investors either have a D-card (divorce) or are intimately familar through family and friends, I believe they will be highly interested in investing in a company that changes the process with the help of technology.

Brittany Evans

Our mission at Sparkbudz is to revoutionize the way you share your music with your friends and family.

Sparkbudz, shareable audio that allows you to connect with your friends at the exact same time.

We have
1. large target demographic
2.Solve a real life problem

Speed dating with investors would definitely take our product to the next level

Cassandra Fawcett

I am very excited to attend this event! I am putting my heart and soul into my business Planted Rootz. I grew up on a small family farm where I learned a great deal from my father about hard work and how rewarding it is growing your own fresh vegetables. I have always imagined myself in a green house with my hands in dirt. I also enjoy building things from old barn wood or refinishing antique furniture that’s been left to die. My grandfather is a master at wood making and I like to think my passion may come from him. It’s the best feeling giving life to not only plants but also unique furniture pieces. I build custom planter boxes large and small as well as living plant arrangements for gifts or the home. I currently have a full time job and pour all my free time into building my business. I believe with an investor I would be able to produce more unique and custom pieces that will allow my business to grow.

Tom Roslak

OC Startups and Investors provide real world business litmus tests for startup entrepreneurs.

Everyone starts their business with an idea, excitement and concept and dives headlong into it. Investing their time, expertise and money (often family and friends that are emotionally investing their hard earned savings in their best buddy or family member). We all do it.

OC Startups and the Investor community provide a constructive hurdle that helps the startup venture to take a real look at the investment, invention, go to market, financials (cash flow, funding, profitability, realistic marketing costs - not like field of dreams - build it and they will come ideas). It helps steer your venture from crashing on the coral reef in otherwise crystal blue waters.

This is an awesome opportunity to course correct, exit or gain traction with real and seasoned experts. Where else can you get this opportunity in Orange County?

Thanks for creating this creative and constructive environment.

Tom from the STAY'nTOUCH team.



Smila is an e-mall where small businesses and entrepreneurs can list their products and services and sell directly to local customers - we attract the foot traffic and they sell.

Looking forward to attend the event.

Justyna Sanders, MD

I have a vision to radically transform medicine and the health of humanity! I just recently moved to SoCal to launch and execute projects that I firmly believe can make a huge impact on exactly that. I'm looking for a business partner who believes in my vision and mission. Simply put, it's hard to find the right fit in terms of someone who's just as passionate about health, prevention and wanting to make a difference in the world in this way. I'd love to meet someone who is like-minded and what better way than an event such as this in order to find the right fit!?! Thanks so much for the consideration.

Shafqat Huq

FestFriends is a tech start-up disrupting the way people buy and sell tickets to music festivals.

Music festivals sell out very quickly in the primary market, often within minutes. In the case of Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, you have about 20 minutes on January 4th, at exactly 12pm Pacific Time. If you're unable to buy tickets within this window, you are left with one of two options:
1) Go on StubHub to buy your tickets, and pay close to 30% in fees ($150 on top of a $500 ticket)
2) Go on Craigslist, and meet with a sketchy person you don't know, in a dimly lit Starbucks parking lot.

What we're doing is providing a safe and convenient alternative for buyers and sellers who want to avoid the scenarios above. We've created a web and mobile marketplace where users can buy and sell tickets in an environment similar to the stock market. Buyers place Bids, which is an offer with a set price they're willing to pay. Sellers place Asks, which is an offer at a set price they're willing to accept. Our platform automatically matches Bids and Asks, and Buyers and Sellers, and places transactions anonymously.

Here's the kicker: The seller has to send us the physical wristband ticket in the mail for authentication in order to complete the transaction. Once we receive this from them, we verify its legitimacy and that it's exactly as advertised. Once we've done this, we send it off to the buyer and release the funds to the seller. Both parties can operate knowing that they will not get scammed out of their hard-earned dollars or the precious tickets they waited to acquire.

Our platform generates revenue from a combination of different sources. The primary source is a transaction fee of (8-12%) that comes out of the seller's payout. Other sources include interest income from cash held in escrow, merchandise revenue, affiliate marketing commissions for products/services like: travel, accommodation, food/dining, transportation, clothing/fashion, etc.

Our vision is to position ourselves as a travel tech company, honed in on the music festival experience and niche, one of the most quickly growing cultural phenomenons of our generation. We are confident that we are disrupting the way people plan and prepare for music festivals, and ultimately make the entire experience more accessible.

At this time, we are looking to raise funding to ramp up our marketing efforts and quickly capture a large percentage of the addressable market, and generate $1.5 million in revenue over the course of 4 months.

We are very excited about the opportunity to connect with both like-minded entrepreneurs and investors.


We've been in operation over a year. We have traction. Investors are going to want to talk with us.


The technology involved in cosmetics creams and skin care creams has not fundamentally advanced in decades - until now. My company, the Beauty System, looks to impact the $50b annual beauty care market by changing the focus from creating a better mixture for skin, to creating better skin for mixtures. Using static electricity, skin goes from being the body's shields to being like a sponge for three minutes. From the patented technology, to the strong team of advisors, this product looks to put Orange County on the map for a broad-appeal product leveraging the incredible technology resources for Beauty, Medicine and Devices in the Orange County area. There may be no better start up to showcase what Orange County is all about than the Beauty System!

Richard Keller

1-800-Battery is the first Marketplace focused on the multi billion dollar battery industry. We are bring the Omni Channel experience from the Manufacturer to the retailer. Our platform combines web,voice, chat, sms into one cohesive consumer experience allowing a brand to engage the consumer directly but process conflict free in its own step distribution model.

Our CEO already has an exit in this market of 600 million dollars with BatteriesPlus, our CFO has already had an exit of 650 million in auto parts. It’s a big league team primed for explosive growth.

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