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FundingPost Orange County VC and Angel Investor Conference (+ Comment Contest!)

Come Pitch to OC's Top Investors + Win Free Tickets with our Comment Contest! FundingPost Orange County VC and Angel Investor Conference

Interested in meeting and pitching to early-stage Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists in Southern California?

Join FundingPost on March 27, 2019 at 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM at WeWork The Boardwalk in Irvine, California.

FundingPost has hosted 400 sold-out venture events in 22 cities over the past 18 years. 

At their next event, a panel of experienced Orange County investors will focus on Early-Stage Venture Investing: How to meet investors, pitch them, and what it really takes to get them to write you a check!

They will be discussing trends in:

  • Startup Seed Funding and Early-Stage Investing
  • Hot Sectors
  • Sectors that these Angels and VCs prefer
  • What's most important to them when they are considering an Investment
  • The best and worst things an entrepreneur can do to get their attention
  • Additional advice for entrepreneurs
  • The best ways to reach these and other Investors

There will be plenty of time for networking with the investor panelists, both before the panel and afterward at the Cocktail Party.

Speakers include: David Friedman, Vice President, Tech Coast Angels OC, Dean Kline, Managing Director, Penn Venture Partners, Kevin Park, Angel Investor, JJ Richa, Tech Coast Angels, Angel Investor, Kat Utecht, Managing Partner, Core Innovation Capital, Scott Fox, OC Startup Council, Doug Pennington, Founder, ArchAngels Investors, and Bob Genthert, Managing Director, EvoNexus.

Featuring Moderator Joe Daniels, McCarter & English.

Interested in Pitching Your Startup? 15 will be selected for a 60-second fast pitch to the panel of Investors. The Investors will vote and the winner will get meetings with the Investors. We will have a sign up sheet at the registration table.  Find out more information here.

Register Here Today because this event will sell out and seating is limited! 

(OCSC readers get $20 OFF with the promo code EARLYBIRD !)



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Why is your Orange County startup the best to benefit from attending this event?  Please be sure to include your Company Name, URL, and what OC city you're based in.

We’ll pick 4 good comments at random to win FREE passes!


Thanks to FundingPost for hosting this local startup event, the details, comp tickets, and the graphic!


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amar kethireddy

This event is the biggest gateway to reach out to the large investor base interested in hot sectors. Ideal for early stage entrepreneurs like me.


Why is your Orange County startup the best to benefit from attending this event?
In a word, URGENCY. Why? While the theme of cyber/data security has clearly been of general salience for some time now, the new California Consumer Data Privacy legislation, and the impending prospect of highly probable related Federal legislation, is imposing requirements on commercial entities that they are not remotely prepared to address. In fact, many may not even realize the breadth and depth of what requirements coming into compliance will place on them. Our hybrid software/consulting solution suite is designed to address precisely this challenge; and the significance of the commercial potential would be difficult to overstate.
COMPANY NAME: Solus Privacy
URL: http://www.privacylawtechnology.com/
OC CITY: Santa Ana

Scott Peterson

Because we have a new cutting edge twist of a new Racquet Sport called Torques...think Badminton on steroids! Torques is based on an ancient game that centers around a high performance patented shuttlecock played with Tennis racquets competitively in the FlyZone and scored with the Torques Timer T2 App: "It's time to score." Torques is the Off Court Racquet Sport that can be played both competitively and cooperatively and gives players a new found freedom to play almost anywhere. We want to disrupt the Racquet and Paddle sport industry with a new shuttlecock based racquet sport that is fun, fast, flexible, a great workout and leverages our T2 Rally Sport Scoring Technology. Torques is an Ancient Game with a high tech T2 Twist. You can check out our website www.torques.tv that has more information about the T2, our video and social media links. The future takes flight with Torques!

Ali Enteshari

I have created 3 businesses in Iran and 1 in Dubai before immigration to the USA. All of them were based on "reselling" products of others plus installation and technical support.
I am a computer engineer and I have an idea to make a product in the field of IoT/Tracking/Bluetooth.
I need an investor not just because of the capital requirement of the project but mainly to get an investor partner in the team to accelerate the process of production, marketing, distribution and sales.
I am looking for "Investor" himself or herself more than "Investment". A partner not just investor.
I think I will find that partner in one of these events. That is my main goal and main benefit.
- Ali Enteshari,

Shaf Huq

FestFriends is a tech start-up disrupting the way people buy and sell tickets to music festivals.

Music festivals sell out very quickly in the primary market, often within minutes. In the case of Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, you have about 20 minutes on January 4th, at exactly 12pm Pacific Time. If you're unable to buy tickets within this window, you are left with one of two options:
1) Go on StubHub to buy your tickets, and pay close to 30% in fees ($150 on top of a $500 ticket)
2) Go on Craigslist, and meet with a sketchy person you don't know, in a dimly lit Starbucks parking lot.

What we're doing is providing a safe and convenient alternative for buyers and sellers who want to avoid the scenarios above. We've created a web and mobile marketplace where users can buy and sell tickets in an environment similar to the stock market. Buyers place Bids, which is an offer with a set price they're willing to pay. Sellers place Asks, which is an offer at a set price they're willing to accept. Our platform automatically matches Bids and Asks, and Buyers and Sellers, and places transactions anonymously.

Here's the kicker: The seller has to send us the physical wristband ticket in the mail for authentication in order to complete the transaction. Once we receive this from them, we verify its legitimacy and that it's exactly as advertised. Once we've done this, we send it off to the buyer and release the funds to the seller. Both parties can operate knowing that they will not get scammed out of their hard-earned dollars or the precious tickets they waited to acquire.

Our platform generates revenue from a combination of different sources. The primary source is a transaction fee of (8-12%) that comes out of the seller's payout. Other sources include interest income from cash held in escrow, merchandise revenue, affiliate marketing commissions for products/services like: travel, accommodation, food/dining, transportation, clothing/fashion, etc.

Our vision is to position ourselves as a travel tech company, honed in on the music festival experience and niche, one of the most quickly growing cultural phenomenons of our generation. We are confident that we are disrupting the way people plan and prepare for music festivals, and ultimately make the entire experience more accessible.

At this time, we are looking to raise funding to ramp up our marketing efforts and quickly capture a large percentage of the addressable market, and generate $1.5 million in revenue over the course of 4 months.

We are very excited about the opportunity to connect with both like-minded entrepreneurs and investors.


Why would this event benefit ADITT App?
Is simple, networking is the fundation of a solid business, the more people gets to know your product the better chances you will have to position it in the big leagues.

Stu Harvey

At Foreknow, we're disrupting location intelligence by predicting the future. Our technology allows brands to forecast user locations for targeted user engagement, and we have developed partnerships with billion dollar publicly traded telecom companies in a unique go-to-market strategy.

One of our clients in our portfolio that we are working with currently is a $13B streaming company (most notable in the space) to deliver better customer experiences by leveraging AI, location services, and targeted messaging at their events.


The technology involved in cosmetics creams and skin care creams has not fundamentally advanced in decades - until now. My company, the Beauty System, looks to impact the $50b annual beauty care market by changing the focus from creating a better mixture for skin, to creating better skin for mixtures. Using static electricity, skin goes from being the body's shields to being like a sponge for three minutes. From the patented technology, to the strong team of advisors, this product looks to put Orange County on the map for a broad-appeal product leveraging the incredible technology resources for Beauty, Medicine and Devices in the Orange County area. There may be no better start up to show what Orange County is all about than the Beauty System!

Lille Krukrubo

It always takes a village to raise a child, or a company in this context. Attending an event like this will be an amazing opportunity to 1- Learn from others who have been through the journey, 2- Be in an environment of like-minded people 3- Meet invaluable connections with people that can help you but also with people that you can help 4- Remain motivated and grow.
At our startup Timmy, based in Mission Viejo, we are committed to helping coaches organize, track and grow their programs faster. Timmy is an innovative academy management software that uses automation and voice command to help coaches grow their business faster. It's a complete system that will up your classes, promote, accept registrations, invoice, collect payments and more with very little effort.
We continue to make a difference by giving coaches the one thing they can never get back…time. Our innovative system allows coaches to save up to 70% in admin time, while allowing them to collect their money 90% faster and grow their revenues by over 20%.
Attending this event will be a wonderful way to get feedback and make amazing connections. Thank you

Enrique Zeiger

We are a Fintech company in a "traditional" field (asset management) and for that reason have a hard time getting Angel investors to listen to our pitch. Even though our field is quantitative finance and thus heavily computerized, we are not viewed as "cool" by the typical investor. However consider this: According to Angel Capital, the average positive exit ratio is 11%, and the average "X" exit is 2.6X. Though not "cool"
our proposal (very complete and available) contemplates a 3-year exit at 3X, and we estimate our probability of success at 60%. Because of this estimate, and the fact that our plan is absolutely not a "pie in the sky" unproven idea, we think that we are very cool, and should be invited to pitch.
Thanks! Enrique Zeiger, CEO.

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