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Irvine's Allied Esports Expands to Latin America with $5M Deal

More New OCSC Members: Evidentally, MyShoperoo Inc, Orange Marketing

Welcome to these new Members of the OC Startup Council: Evidentally, MyShoperoo Inc, Orange Marketing

Evidentally: Currently being incubated by Empirical Education, a 16 year old education research firm, Evidentally Evidentally delivers tested methodologies and expertise to the fast-paced edtech industry.

We make research more accessible, timely, and relevant to companies and their clients.

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MyShoperoo Inc: Develops a personalization platform offering personal and trusted shopping MyShoperoo Incconcierge service for employees.

The company's platform interacts with customers for shopping needs via artificial intelligence based messaging, enabling customers to locate an item of their needs in the nearby store and also provide delivery services.

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Orange Marketing : Helps early stage B2B SaaS companies build their sales and marketing tech stack Orange Marketing and implement the first steps of their demand generation strategy.

We'll help you build out content, landing pages and forms, chat, and outbound sales templates. We'll help you with your lead distribution and routing, and turn leads into sales.

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