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Cove Strategic Marketing Angels - Free Marketing Clinics

Helping Orange County startup companies "cross the chasm" to profitability with free expert marketing advice is the mission of the new Cove Strategic Marketing Angels group.

Their free marketing consulting sessions help local startups develop winning marketing strategies and execute better on their sales plans. 

Cove Strategic Marketing Angels
Orange County's Cove Strategic Marketing Angels advise local OC entrepreneur Kent Booker

The group was started this summer by local angel investor Girard Miller and a team of volunteers who are startup investors through the Cove Fund or Tech Coast Angels

In looking at their own portfolios of angel investments, these Orange County angel investors saw that many young companies stumble when growing from product development out into the wider world where marketing is needed.  

To help serve that need, the team of angel investors, along with senior marketing and sales executives from related industries, volunteer to staff the group.   To date they have focused on local startups who have enough initial traction to have been funded by the Cove Fund or Tech Coast Angels.  

The goal is to boost more local companies through some of the difficult marketing-related growing pains young startups face, and ultimately to help improve our local Orange County startup ecosystem, deal flow, and community.  

Thanks to Cove Strategic Marketing Angels for volunteering their time to help our local startups!


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Mike Jalonen | Trio Rewards

I think this is a great service. Even as a marketing tech company we could benefit from the widom in that group. Curious if this service will open up past startups funded by The Cove or TCA? I'm sure smart startups would be interested in pursuing this as an avenue to grow their companies, even if there was a price associated with the consulting.

Kent Booker

I am the founder in this picture and was the subject of the Cove Marketing Angels. If you need any help in the marketing world, you do not want to miss an opportunity to go through this process.

I highly recommend it, and the people in the room were nice, knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic. It's really fantastic resource.

Ali Enteshari

How to contact to Cove Strategic Marketing Angels?

OC Startup Council

Currently the group is working only with companies who are in the funding process with the Cove Fund(s) or Tech Coast Angels. If your venture is working with either of those groups, they can put you in touch with the Marketing Angels, too.

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