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OSEA Women Angel Investors Screenings (Photos)

OSEA Angel Investors is a membership-based angel investment group focused on and driven by women executives and entrepreneurs with very diverse and successful backgrounds.

Headquartered in Orange County, OSEA provides a forum for the introduction of emerging companies to potential female angel investors and offers access to meaningful education regarding startup vetting, due diligence, and venture investment processes. 

OSEA Angel Investor members and guests recently met at UCI's Cove for a startup investment screening session.

OSEA Investors Xandra Kristi

Introductions were led by Kristi Ritoch, OSEA President, and Xandra Laskowski, Founder and CEO of the group.

Special Guest Speaker: Lori Torres of Parcel Pending

Lori Torres, the Founder and CEO of local Orange County startup success story, Parcel Pending, was a Guest Speaker.  She shared details of her company's founding, funding, and rise here in Irvine.  Of course her company's recent $100 Million acquisition was the exciting conclusion!

Lori Torres OSEA 092519

Three Startups Pitched the OSEA Angels

OSEA screenings include presentations from promising early stage companies seeking funding.  3 startups presented.

Shoonya OSEA pitch

Rashi Bahri Chitnis, the Founder and CEO of Shoonya, was the first presenter.  Shoonya is an edutainment & edtech start-up dedicated to creating the next-generation of global citizens by exposing children to cultural diversity and world languages.

Foreknow OSEA pitch

The co-founders of Foreknow, Stuart Harvey and Jordan Carlson, then presented their company's predictive marketing solutions.  The company's platform provides advanced, geolocated and predictive advertising services to retailers and restaurants.  

Tot Squad OSEA pitch

OSEA members were also treated to an update from OSEA portfolio company Tot Squad.  Founder and CEO Jennifer Saxton shared progress of her baby services marketplace that connects new parents with health, wellness and safety services like car seat installation and babyproofing. 

Learn More about OSEA Angel Investors

To learn more about presenting your startup for funding, or joining OSEA as an Angel Investor, visit their website.

Thanks to OSEA for inspiring women to learn more about the angel investing world by offering education and access to early stage companies looking for investors.






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