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Startup Grind 2020 FREE TICKETS Giveaway for OCSC Members

Win free tickets to the 2020 Startup Grind Global Conference!

Every February the Startup Grind Global Conference brings 10,000+ startup lovers to Redwood City for 2+ days of inspiration, education, networking, and parties.

Join innovators, entrepreneurs, founders, partners, venture investors, and thought leaders for 2 days of invaluable educational content, impactful networking opportunities, investor meetings, and of course - parties!

Startup Grind Global 2020 Speakers

Startup Grind Global Conference speakers include startup superstars you can't see anywhere else – and pretty much never here in Orange County...

Join us in making the quick trip north to Redwood City February 11-12, 2020 to learn the latest tech startup trends from thought leaders like:

  • Justin Kan (Co-founder & CEO, Atrium)
  • Anish Acharya (General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz)
  • Scott Farquhar (Co-founder & CEO, Atlassian)
  • Yancey Strickler (Co-founder, Kickstarter)
  • Scott Belsky (Chief Product Officer, Adobe)
  • David Siegel (CEO, Meetup)
  • Stacy Bishop (Partner, Scale Ventures)
  • Delane Parnell (Founder, PlayVS)
  • and many more founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and friends from all over the world... 

(See more details of this year’s agenda here.)

Maybe even more importantly, there will be 10,000+ fellow entrepreneurs there! 

These include the founders of many more new, niche companies that attend to exhibit, compete in the startup pitches, and meet new people. 

Whether you are looking for a co-founder, joining a startup, have just started your own new venture, or are grinding and scaling your startup, there’s something for you at Startup Grind 2020. 

You’ll leave inspired, energized, and with lots of new entrepreneur and investor friends, too!

Best of all?  Startup Grind Global is FUN and welcoming, not a stuffy “business” conference. 

Of course for an event like this, tickets cost $$$...  But you can win yours here FREE!


We have FOUR FREE PASSES to give away to OC entrepreneurs like YOU. 

Enter to win one by simply COMMENTING BELOW to share why you are the best representative to send from Orange County! 

On January 7, 2020 we’ll do a random drawing from all commenters to pick winners.  (And tickets must be redeemed by 1/7/20.)

If your name is drawn, you’ll get to join us at Startup Grind Global for FREE!

UPDATE:  Congratulations to our Winners!

Winners of this comment contest were announced here.


Or use the OCSC Discount:  15% OFF Conference Tickets

Of course, you can simply buy tickets but we have a 15% discount for you!

Ticket prices increase every few weeks as the event approaches, and the conference is coming up quickly on Feb 11-12 in Silicon Valley – OC Startup Council blog readers can now get tickets at 15% off with the promo code "code-OCSC" or this special 15% OFF discount link

Hope to see you there! 


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David Mashian

I am starting a blockchain real estate debt and equity platform. I am looking for partners to raise capital on this and make it happen.

Randy Kunin

This seems like a great event to get my business jump-started. I appreciate the opportunity to meet with the great minds attending. Trying to connect with many of these successful founders via email usually lands you somewhere in the airspace of no return. However, getting any and all facetime to network and perhaps elevator pitch your concept is exciting. Of course, every startup founder feels there concept is great, unique, and ready to be launched if one can raise some seed money. However, having the opportunity to face real Moments of Truth is what being an entrepreneur is all about.


Would love to learn more about venture investing and connect with fellow investors and startup entrepreneurs!

Ali Enteshari

Since I tried to start my new business in the USA, OCSC is the most welcoming platform for me and Scot Fox's Masterminds monthly event is the best opportunity for networking and learning whenever I could attend.
My Smartwatch tech start-up grows very slowly due to lack of capital. Such events can help me to find an investor and/or a business partner but I can't afford the ticket.
I hope OCSC can help me to go there.

Zahra Nemati

I am working on a health tech company focused on improving patient care aspect of the medical industry via artificial intelligence. I believe this could be a game changer, even on a global scale. However, as a student I have very limited resources to attend such events just yet and increase my exposure to the tech start up world. This would be an amazing opportunity for me, thank you!

Julie Craft

I am a Co-Founder at TalkDoc and we are building a technology and services platform to help the millions of Americans dealing with mental illness, especially those in underserved communities. We are boot-strapped to-date and will deliver ~$700k in GR in 2019. I would really like to go to the Start-up Grind as we continue to look for Seed investors and strategic partners that I believe will be in attendance at this amazing event and can help us tackle the mental healthcare crisis. Thank you!

Joyce Rimmele

I love the energy from being around other early-stage entrepreneurs. It's great to be able to learn from one another as well as share valuable experiences in our journeys as well as our networks.

Looking to meet angels investors and begin a dialogue on how we can work together. Whether that be at this point in our growth or later on. I am also interested in expanding my team of experts and my network. The possibilities are endless when you go into it seeing how you can contribute to the ecosystem.


I hear great things about the Startup Grind event! I'd be happy to be one of the four people who represent Orange County and bring back all that is learned.

Rob Martinez

So you're telling me there's a chance!

Roland Polzin

Imagine what you could do with an extra hour every week!
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You can ask for anything. Wing gets it done - as long as it's legal and possible.
Wing's AI does it quicker than you yourself could do it, gets you the best deals, and presents you the best option.
Over time, Wing learns and gets to know you! The more you use Wing the more it improves! Wing will even discover your habits to come up with suggestions that you may not even think of!
Does that sound too good to be true? Well, yesterday it was - today you wing it!

Kristine MacRae

We are working with beef cattle ranchers on a platform to connect customers “Direct to Source” to improve transparency of the beef supply network. Building our team now and looking to bring on a strong CTO with experience in distributed ledger technology and marketplace platforms. Also plan to start seed funding round in 2020. The timing would be great for both.


Terry Crandall

Votingsmarter could really benefit by attending, and so could our community. As a nonprofit voter education startup we are developing tools to help voters figure out who to vote for in a quick and easy way. Imagine a dating app that helps you figure out what candidate is your best “match”.

Ugo Cardone

Having the opportunity to attend an event like Startup Grind would be a total game-changer for my startup(s)!

Kelsey Galarza

I'm interested in hearing what startups think they need to get going so we can build services around those needs!

Denis Zhukov

I would love to get a chance to attend this event. That would give me new connections with investors and fellow entrepreneurs which is always crucial for raising funding and ultimately for success in business.

Ali Enteshari

I think I have an extra ticket. If you are still looking for a conference ticket, please contact me.

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