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3 Easy NY Resolutions for Startup Founders!

Happy New Year! Want to grow your startup this year?

It's easy to get lost in your work when you're a startup entrepreneur. Of course there's always more to do as a startup founder! 2020 New Year

But you need to lay the foundations now to grow your company more easily later.

So now at the beginning of this new year here are 3 easy resolutions that can help you accelerate the growth of your startup in the year ahead.

Here are three easy but important New Year's resolutions for startup founders:

  1. Work more on your growth strategy.  Sure, it's easier to work on your product, your website, your app, your code, etc. But all of that is useless unless you can convince others to use it, and tell their friends, too. Dedicate time now to planning how you're going to spread the word about your fabulous products or services. Supply is not the hard part anymore, you need to work on generating demand.  Double down on your marketing strategy for 2020 so you can create the growth your new venture needs to succeed. 

  2. Get out in public more often. It's tempting to keep your head down and grind. But you need to build relationships now so that it's easier to raise money, recruit staff, find customers, and meet partners later. Building those relationships takes time and repeated contact, ideally F2F IRL.  Check out our Orange County startup events calendar here (and listings here) for educational and networking events where you can have some fun building your business this year.  Get event listings delivered automatically to your inbox by subscribing to our events email list here.

  3. Work on publicity for your venture. The sooner more people know about your startup, the sooner you can attract customers, staff, and investors, too.  They'll provide the valuable feedback you need to find product-market fit and angel or venture capital investors, too.  Pro Publicity Tip: Send your announcements to us at the OC Startup Council!  Our mission is to help promote the good things you are doing and to help your Orange County-based tech startup grow.
    Submit press releases, articles, and announcements here for free publicity.

 Happy New Year to all our OCSC Members!

Thanks for your support and participation in 2019.  Looking forward to great things together in 2020!

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