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Today we’re profiling VYRL, another exciting Orange County startup active in the local tech startup ecosystem (and an Executive Level Member of the OC Startup Council).

David PerryEnjoy this exclusive interview with David Perry, CEO of VYRL and Jason Goldberg, President of VYRL to learn more about what they do and how VYRL is growing its business here in Orange County. 

OCSC: In what Orange County city are your offices and why?

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: We are based in Irvine, by the Irvine Spectrum. It’s close enough to John Wayne Airport and has tons of restaurants. LA is within a reasonable drive and employees can take their kids to Disneyland or the beach effortlessly.

OCSC: What is the quick overview description of your company?

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: We’ve built a technology for brands and services to reduce their marketing expenses by 90%. They do this by working with the social media influencers that love their company. Over 13,000 brands use the Carro platform today.

OCSC: What is your venture's category or industry?

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: Marketing, advertising, and social media marketing.

OCSC: What problem is your team solving and why?

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: Brands can never have enough attention. “Attention” delivers visitors, customers, followers, subscribers, growth and relevance. The only problem with attention is that it’s expensive. That’s why Carro is the largest partnership platform in the world, it has connected millions of social media influencers (who have an abundance of attention) to the brands they truly love.

OCSC: Who are your target customers? 

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: Anyone that runs a “cool” brand or service that would like dramatically more attention.

Jason GoldbergOCSC: Who are your Founders or top executives and why are they suited for this venture? 

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: David Perry, CEO - He’s had 3 exits, the last was Gaikai, funded by Benchmark Capital and NEA, and was acquired by Sony for $380M.

Jason Goldberg, President - Jason is an online marketing and growth expert and is the main product designer & lead for Carro.

OCSC: Tell us about your revenue or sales traction, if any.

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: A new brand discovers and installs our technology every 18 minutes. We just passed 10,000 brands on our platform, we will be at 20K in Aug 2020 and 30K in Dec 2020. Our service is currently free, but during 2020 we will be rolling out special features on our main platform that will require subscription payments.

OCSC: How big is your team? 

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: We’re 20 full-time people in Orange County coming from exciting companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Experian, Oculus, Activision, and Blizzard Entertainment. We also have specialist contractors around the USA, Canada and the rest of the world.

OCSC: What is your fundraising history and plans? 

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: We’ve raised just over $10M to date. Our Series A was $6.6M and we are now ready to reveal our next growth phase (enabling billing) and are going to open up a small round to fund that.

OCSC: How can the OC community reading this help your company grow? 

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: If you know anyone that runs their online store using the Shopify platform, tell them to try this: https://www.getcarro.com. For our OCSC friends we will provide premium support, just reach out to us if you have questions at hello@getcarro.com.

VYRLOCSC:  What is your favorite OC restaurant?

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: Favorite OC restaurant: Moulin in Laguna (Sandwiches), Jersey Mike’s (Please add one to the Irvine Spectrum!), and Javiers.

OCSC: Why and when did your company join the OC Startup Council? 

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: We are proud to be the very first member that signed up and paid for the OC Startup Council.

OCSC: How has your company benefited from your OCSC membership?

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: Being there from the start it’s been great to watch the OCSC grow, it’s a great source of information and I’m excited to see it form partnerships with major service providers to reduce costs for new startups.

OCSC: What's the best way for people to contact you? 

David Perry & Jason Goldberg: You can email us: hello@getcarro.com.

Thanks to David Perry and Jason Goldberg for sharing how VYRL is building its new business here in Orange County.

And, thanks to VYRL for their Silver Membership support of the OC Startup Council and our efforts to accelerate everyone in Orange County’s tech ecosystem.

To learn more about VYRL, please visit their website at vyrl.co.


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