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National Venture Plan Competition: Round 1 Winners

The National Venture Plan Competition offers startups one the biggest opportunities to raise capital by fast-tracking them to present to many investor groups, angels, and VCs. Pismo Ventures National Venture Plan Competition

After the last year’s competition, millions of dollars were invested in several companies by investors, angels, angel groups, VCs and funds largely due to their participation in the competition.

This year's competition is under way with exciting results and winners from the first rounds being announced here: 

Category: B2B

  1. FLX Solutions
  2. Leben & Cerne Co. dba XrossWorld
  3. Jaxon, Inc.
  4. Rixon Technology
  5. Advanced Image Robotics
  6. ChargeNet Stations
  7. Everykey
  8. Harness
  9. Inkable Arts DBA Covert Ink
  10. Launch Cart, Inc.
  11. Meaningly
  12. RX Place
  13. PatientXpress
  15. PWR Lab

Category: B2C

  1. EcoSoul Home
  2. Hygrid Health
  3. Paybby Corp
  5. Speckle
  6. Sips By
  7. Endurable
  8. EscaipPlan
  9. Fia Skin and Beauty
  10. GVNG Technology, Inc.
  11. Hindsight Technologies
  12. knnct Markets
  13. Mick Fusion
  14. NeuroGeneces
  15. Science Lab 3 Inc.

Category: Life Science, Med Tech, Healthcare

  1. Cooler Heads
  2. Eyedaptic, Inc.
  3. SaiOx Inc
  4. Spectra Plasmonics Inc.
  5. Amplified Sciences
  6. Neowe Research & Development Inc.
  7. SFA Therapeutics
  8. Telebionix
  9. Veriskin, Inc
  10. BabyLiveAdvise
  11. Hepatiq Inc.
  12. Oxidien Pharmaceuticals
  13. Semcorel Inc
  14. Uplyft
  15. Violett

Category: Wildcard

  1. Novel
  2. PhishCloud
  3. PlusMusic
  4. Scintillation
  5. Nanotechnologies
  7. Trillion
  8. Family Proud
  9. Groundbreaker
  10. SAFE Steps
  11. TruFit
  12. ShoCast
  13. ForwardVue Pharma, Inc.
  14. Neuro Rehab VR
  15. OpticSurg Inc
  16. Relavo

Congratulations to the winners and learn more at!

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