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AIEDC Announces New Advisory Board Member

AIEDC Names Dr. Jacques Ludik to their Advisory Board

“There is tremendous synergy in the respective missions and activities of AIEDC, Sapiens Network and Democratizing A.I. --- as these organizations and movements are all working towards shaping a better future for all, in the Smart Technology Era. AIEDC

“The latter is also articulated in my Book - Democratizing Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Everyone, which also introduces an “MTP for Humanity” and its associated goals to help shape a “Beneficial Human-Centric Future”, along with Sapiens Network as a Decentralized Human-Centric User-Controlled A.I. - Driven super platform to empower individuals and monetizes their data and services, that can be extended to companies, communities, cities, city-states, and beyond”. Dr. Jacques Ludik

Dr. Jacques Ludik Brief Biography

Dr. Jacques Ludik, is a smart Technology Entrepreneur, A.I. Expert, Founder of Multiple A.I. Companies, Author, of an A.I. Ecosystem Builder, and Award-Winning A.I. Leader with a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence (Computer Science) and 25+ years' experience in A.I. and Data Science and its applications. He is currently the Founder and CEO of Cortex Group and Cortex Logic that is focused on providing scalable ultra-personalized A.I.-enabled wellness solutions, where Vive Teens is a spin out company focused on providing an A.I. -driven personal mental wellness companion for teenagers and Journey Wellness is an A.I. -enable ultra-personalized health wellness platform solution; and the Founder and President of the Machine Intelligence Institute of Africa (MIIA) that focuses on transforming Africa through A.I. --- MIIA aims to transform and help build an A.I. -powered Africa through a strong, innovative and collaborative Machine Intelligence, A.I. and Data Science community, consisting of individuals and key players in the African Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem. He has also invested in The Student Hub that provides online courses from South Africa’s leading TVET colleges, through private resources and the latest learning technology. Dr. Ludik is involved in building A.I.- based Data rich platforms that leverage A.I. technologies to unlock business, customer, and societal value. His Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP), is to help shape a better future in the Smart Technology Era, and specifically to help Business and Society thrive to transform Africa. He is also passionate to help Africa through smart technologies such as --- A.I. and Blockchain, as well as building A.I. Communities and Exponential Organizations.

One of his previous companies, CSense Systems, was Africa's first A.I. Company that was sold to a multinational company, specifically General Electric (GE) in 2011.


The Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation (AIEDC), is an A.I. as a Service (AIaaS) Provider with A.I. Research, and Product Development, as well as Digitization Services for the Front & Back Office for Small & Midsize Businesses, such as A.I. / 5G Mobile Commerce Services.

All of our services are Powered by M.I.N.D ® --- Our Machine Intelligence NeuralNetwork Database via Machine Learning and other Data Analytics with Sequential Decisions Based on Algorithmic Probability and the Markov Decision Processes (MDP), as well as other Algorithmic Protocols in A.I. and soon to be (AGI).

You can learn more about AIEDC - at the following Link below.

Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation (AIEDC)
Leonard S. Johnson
Tel: 949-400-0126

SOURCE: Artificial Intelligence Economic Development Corporation (AIEDC)

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