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New OC Startup Job Listing: iPourIt Chief Executive Officer Opportunity

An Orange County startup is hiring!

Check out this new local Chief Executive Officer job opportunity from iPourIt : IPourIt

iPourIt is looking for a Chief Executive Officer to join their team.

A primary role of this position – and a crucial selection criterion – is to periodically create bold short- and long-term strategies and action plans that will make impactful step-changes, rather than simply incremental improvements to iPourIt revenues and profits on a year-over-year basis.

iPourIt CEO Core Skills:


  • Strategic, Energetic, Experienced Entrepreneur
  • Customer focused, outward looking, strong at forming strategic partnerships which complement iPourIt technology
  • Experience in some of these areas: Food & Beverage, Restaurant, Bar, Hospitality, Franchising, Fast Casual dining, POS, technology
  • Good Business & Interpersonal Skills
  • Strong Network & Contacts relevant to iPourIt business
  • Proven Leadership & Managerial skills
  • Good Sales, Presentation & Communication skills
  • Strong Analytical skills and Technical Acumen
  • Good cultural fit with iPourIt team
  • Proven track record of leading a small company with limited resources and very high growth potential
  • Maximizing self-serve market trend opportunities, recurring revenue and payment processing
  • Public relations skills at a level where he/she can become the industry-wide spokesperson for a new market segment Networking and participating in industry-related events or associations that will enhance the CEO's leadership skills, the organization's reputation, and the organization's potential for success


  • Track Record of growing a tech-based business
  • Restaurant build out or design - has prior experience and understanding of restaurant and other concept development stages, from design, creation, planning processes, permitting, acquisition of assets, general management processes, installation, and training for best practices.
  • Hands on, likes to roll up his/her sleeves and help – leads by example. Willing to become intimately familiar with how our system works. Quick study.
  • Has good understanding of point of sale, operational processes, restaurant P&L and other restaurant technologies
  • Experience of working with a Board
  • M&A experience
  • VC and PE connections
  • University Graduate, MBA preferred
  • Local to Orange County, CA

Learn More About this Job Here.

About iPourIt

iPourIt is the market leader in self-serve beverage dispense technology in North America. We’re a technology company, with software and hardware expertise. iPourIt offers a comprehensive self-pour solution for bars, restaurants, luxe living, event and venue, and numerous other applications looking to automate their alcohol beverage service.

Our proprietary system supports a wide range of beverages including beer, wine, cider, seltzer, mixed drinks, liquor shots, cold-brew coffee, kombucha, craft soda, and other non-alcoholic beverages. iPourIt reduces labor expense while giving controlled and monitored access to alcohol, and charges the guest for each pour.

Thanks to iPourIt for offering this local job opportunity, the details, and the graphic!

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