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Bulletproof Startup Fundraising Strategy

A Thought Leadership article we liked from Visible:

How to Secure Financing With a Bulletproof Startup Fundraising Strategy

Startup fundraising is hard without a well-thought-out plan. Learn how you can deliver a winning startup fundraising strategy to secure financing in this article. Startup Fundraising


At Visible, we believe that a venture capital fundraise often mirrors a traditional B2B sales and marketing funnel. At the top of your funnel, you are adding new investors, nurturing them throughout the middle of the funnel with email and meetings, and hopefully cashing a check from them at the bottom of the funnel.

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Luckily, there are tips, resources, and tricks that will help you build momentum in your fundraising efforts so you can focus on building your business. Learn more about how you can create a fundraising strategy and build a more efficient fundraise with our guide below:

Startup Fundraising: How It Works

Just how a sales and marketing process might differ from business to business, so will a fundraising process. The ideas and systems behind the process might stay the same but there will be subtle changes when it comes to approach, communication, and more as a business grows. A couple of different stages that we will hit on in this post:

  • Pre-seed
  • Seed
  • Series A, B, and C

How should startup founders prepare for these funding rounds? Check out our breakdowns for each stage below:

Pre-Seed Funding

As we put in our post, The Understandable Guide to Startup Funding Stages, “A pre-seed round is a round of venture capital that is generally the first round of institutional capital that a startup raises. A pre-seed round generally allows a founding team to find product-market fit, hire early employees, and test go-to-market models.”


Pre-seed funding rounds have become more common over the past few years and have turned into a powerful resource to help founders get their idea and business off the ground. The purpose is to give founders the capital they need to see their product through. Investors are largely betting on the team and idea as revenue is little to none.

Pre-seed rounds greatly vary in size but generally fall in the $300K to $1M size. However, we’ve seen pre-seed rounds get close to $5M. Typically, valuations might be in the $2M to $5M range.

Seed Funding

As we wrote in our post, Seed Funding for Startups 101: A Complete Guide, “Seed funding is a startup’s earliest funding stage. Often, seed funding comes from angel investors, friends and family members, and the original company founders. An early-stage startup may also look for funding through bank loans, but angel investments are usually preferred. Seed funding is used to start the company itself, and consequently, it is a fairly high risk: the company has not yet proven itself within the market. There are many angel investors that specifically focus on seed funding opportunities because...

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Thanks for this article excerpt and its graphics to Visible.

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