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A Compilation of Best Pieces of Advice from Founders

An article we liked from Thought Leader Jonny Price of Wefunder:

50 Words of Wisdom from Founders

We recently published the 50th episode of our Wefunder podcast — Adventure Capital. Huzzah!!!  Words of Wisdom

At the end of every episode, we’ve asked guests (mostly startup founders who have raised capital from their community on Wefunder) to give their best piece of advice for startup founders. And this blog post summarizes that treasure trove of wisdom. “You’re welcome world!”

If you want to catch the next episode, voilà le link.

(1) “Stay focused on what makes you different, never say no to an introduction, and be a good human” — Kelsey Witherow, Founder of DOUGHP.

(2) “Be very thoughtful about why you are starting your company. You’re going to reach a point where it’s hard to keep going, and the only thing that will pull you out of it is why you started the company” — Chai Mishra, Founder of The Essential.

(3) “Less talkey more makey. Test the market to ensure there’s demand for what you’re building” — Christine Outram, Founder of Everydae.

(4) “Talk to other founders so that you know what to prepare for” — Maxeme Tuchman, Founder of Caribu.

(5) “Build the brand early. Even if it’s just documenting the journey of building the product” — Fares Ksebati, Founder of MySwimPro.

(6) “If you have an engaged community and a loyal following — then why not open a Community Round” — Tim Kelly, Founder of Chattanooga FC (and now Mayor of Chattanooga!).

(7) “Everything takes more time and money than expected. Make sure you’re always overfunded.” — Klaus Moeller, Founder of The Boardwalk (and like a ton of things!).

(8) “Take time to build a strong foundation. That strategic building will lead to a smooth uphill ride” — Vanessa Braxton, Founder of Black Momma.

(9) “When making an investment or any business decision, pay attention to the wisdom of the crowd, your gut and a spreadsheet” — Brian Belley, Founder of Crowdwise (acquired by Kingscrowd).

(10) “Take human nature into consideration when developing your product” — Bill Ottman, Founder of Minds.

(11) “Find a pain point in the industry you’re working in and make it go away” — Erik Franks, Founder of Tesseract.

(12) “Building a startup is hard. Know what you’re getting into and decide whether or not you’re willing to make sacrifices for it” — Josh Morton, Founder of Barrow’s Intense.

(13) “Read Conscious Business by Fred Kofman” — Premal Shah, Co-Founder of

(14) “If you want to build something, know you’re going to have to screw it up before you get it right” — Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe, Founders of The Beta Test.

(15) “Don’t start a new movement if there’s one you can join. See if someone’s already doing what you want to do. Be unique” — Astrid Scholz, Founder of Zebras Unite.

(16) “You can’t outsource your vision to others. You are in charge of your journey. You are the founder” — Sara Hanks, founder of Crowdcheck.

(17) “Don’t hoard your ideas, get them out there and get feedback to improve upon them” — Paul Scanlan and Jeff Annison, Founders of Legion M.

(18) “Launch a Community Round” — Krishan Arora, Founder of The Arora Project.

(19) “Surround yourself with founders who have been...

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Thanks for this article excerpt and its graphics to Jonny Price, VP of Fundraising at Wefunder.

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